Uncut poems, stories, art and drama

By Michael Morais
Edited by Jody Freeman

“This book is for people who like poetry and people who don’t. For people who like art tattooed onto skin, drawn with wax crayons and sculpted in butter. For drama buffs and comic-book lovers. Michael was a bit of a tease. He didn’t want you to think he was too easy.”

$100 (hard cover book)

“Jody Freeman has drawn together, or rather, birthed a phenomenally well curated piece of art. Not just poetry and art, but the signature of a man for the past and for this century.

Michael Morais was perhaps not well known except in the pre-social-media world of writers and playwrights, but he was a real Beat individual. He reminds me in some ways of Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was fringe before Fringe.”

Rana Bose, author, poet, playwright and founding editor of Montréal Serai magazine

“I loved the long poems, mostly about marriage and childhood. The play was an amazing mix of humour and tragedy. But what I liked the best were the colour engravings, and the beautiful way the book was put together. So well organized and laid out.”

Martin Duckworth, filmmaker

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Hard cover book: $100

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